Centre for Alternative Banking Dispute Resolution (CSALB) - Improves procedures for dispute resolution

Following an analysis of the files received by the Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution, consumer demands, clauses that lead to triggering disputes, CSALB decided to improve the alternative procedures for dispute resolutions. The purpose of the amendments is to adapt the existing procedures to the specific of disputes, to simplify them so that they are easily understood by consumers, retailers and conciliators.

Among the changes made:

  • A. Procedures for Dispute Settlement completed by suggesting a solution
    - The parties are entitled to have legal representatives; Consumers may be represented by consumer associations;
    - A new Filter stage was introduced - the file is completed, the parties accept the timetable, the concliator is confrimed by the parties;
  • B. Procedures for Dispute Settlement finalized with imposing a solution:
    - Until the establishment of an arbitral tribunal, the parties may decide whether or not to stay within the proceedings;
    - Documents can be sent by e-mail;
    - Establishment of Special Tribunal - if one party is not contentwith the arbitrator appointed by the other party;
    - Witness interogations is excluded as evidence.